Automatic Water Level Controller for Empty to Septic & Under Ground Tanks Model WLC-6

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Suitable Empty For : Septic Tank and under Ground tanks . 0.5 / 1.0/1.5 HP Mono Block pump . .Sump Pump 1HP MCB Type Submersible starter. 190-250 VAC .
Warranty: 1 Year Replacement . No warranty if ,seal broken , any damage .Replace from our godown .
Package contains: Automatic Water level controller BEEWLC-6 1 unit, User manual 1 No .
Level sensor 3 nos S.S 316 material rust proof red, black, green.
Installation : Install the water level controller .Connect the INPUT OUT PUT As shown in the User Manual .There are out of three sensors, Green sensor put at the bottom Level, Black sensor put at the middle Level, .and Red sensor at the top Level of the tank.
Working :When the water level in the tank becomes high, means water get up top sensor, motor get switch on automatically. The tank starts to empty. when the water level reaches to the middle Level 50% Water LED off. and motor get switch off automatically . when the water level reaches again middle level, 50% led on but no start motor when the top level red sensor sense. The motor automatically gets switched on. Also on LED motor on . No tension of septic tank, under ground tank over. No Man power is required.
Manufactured by Baba Electric & Electronics ( Bee Smart ) GURUGRAM Made In India Product.Please watch video how to Install
Note: Bee Smart have many Types of water level Controller .Please watch videos of our Product for model selection & Installation before next order.
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